Aquafresh Kids Milk Teeth Toothbrush Soft Bristles 0-2 Years

Aquafresh Kids Milk Teeth Toothbrush Soft Bristles 0-2 Years

Babies' mouths are incredibly sensitive, which is why it's important to provide them with a tailored toothbrushing experience. Start using the Aquafresh Milk Teeth toothbrush as soon as your baby's first tooth emerges. There are several reasons why your baby's first teeth need special care. Milk teeth are not just practice teeth. They hold spaces for your child's first adult teeth waiting in the gums. By taking good care of them, you can help their big teeth come through straight, healthy and strong. Their enamel can be up to 50% thinner than adult teeth and therefore more vulnerable to damage caused by sugar acid attacks. The Aquafresh Milk Teeth toothbrush was specially designed by dental experts for children aged between 0-2 years to help clean all surfaces of those precious first teeth. The special toothbrush head has multi-angled, gum-friendly, soft bristles that reach all around the individual baby tooth. The rubber cushioning on the back of the brush helps to protect tender, sensitive gums. The flexible neck bends to help absorb excess pressure from brushing and the non-slip handle provides grip for better control, as you brush your baby's teeth.

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