Bacofoil The Original Kitchen Foil 30cm x 10m

10m • £0.29 /m

What can't you do with a roll of kitchen foil?! Prepare your oven trays for roasting and grilling, keep your leftovers safe and fresh to enjoy another day, wrap your presents with a shiny, reusable alternative to paper, line your home with the stuff to keep The Man from listening in on you… okay, the last one maybe not, but still, the point remains that this Bacofoil foil is awfully versatile.

Preparation & Usage

Not suitable for microwave use.


Do not allow foil to come into direct contact with a naked flame or electric elements. Do not allow foil to come into contact with acidic or salty foods. Salt or acid in food can occasionally attack aluminium and cause discolouration and small holes to appear. To prevent this from occurring, lightly coat the foil with cooking oil prior to cooking and storing.

Caution: Sharp cutting edge.