Billington's Light Brown Soft Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar 500g

    Billington's Light Brown Soft Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar 500g

    500g • £0.36 /100g

    Being described as refined can be a compliment in some circles, but when it comes to sugar, we prefer it to be exactly as nature intended. This light brown sugar from Billington's has all the natural sweetness straight from the cane, and it'll work a treat in your cakes and biscuits for when you're fancying breaking out the baking equipment.

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    Table of Nutrition

    Per 100g: Energy : 1690kJ, : 397kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrate : 99g, of which sugars : 99g, Protein : 0g, Salt : 0.35g

    Dietary Information


    Preparation & Usage

    With its mild caramel flavour this sugar really works in sponge cakes and biscuits as well as indulgent chocolate brownies and butterscotch sauce


    Store in an airtight container.

    In certain weather conditions this natural sugar may harden. This is not a sign of deterioration. Just place the sugar in a basin and cover with a damp cloth. Leave overnight and its moistness will return.