Biona Organic Gherkins 680g

    Biona Organic Gherkins 680g

    680g • £0.59 /100g

    Biona Organics is committed to producing great tasting, thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle. Its farmers don't use chemical pesticides or herbicides on crops, and they don't grow genetically modified plants. Biona also ensure it only uses sustainable farming methods and do not work the company land intensively, and believe in 100% traceability for all products, providing high quality organic food for everyone to share and enjoy.

    Biona believes that food should be inspiring, should delight the senses, excite the imagination, bring people together and purely create pleasure.

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    Table of Nutrition

    Typical Values Per 100g

    Energy 107kJ/25.5kcal

    Fat 0.2g

    of which saturates 0g

    of which Mono-unsaturates 0g

    of which Polyunsaturates 0g

    of which Alpha Linolenic Acid

    of which Linoeic Acid

    Carbohydrates 5.5g

    of which sugars 3.7g

    Fibre 0.4g

    Proteins 0.6g

    Cholesterol 0g

    Salt 1.19g


    Gherkins*, Vinegar*, Agave Syrup*, Sea Salt, Mustard Seeds*, Dill*, Onions*, Red Pepper*

    * = Certified Organic Ingredients