Bud Light Lager Beer Cans Fridge Pack 10 x 440ml

Bud Light Lager Beer Cans Fridge Pack 10 x 440ml

10 x 440ml • £0.23 /100ml

Type: American Light Lager ABV: 3.5% Origin: St Louis, USA Overall impression: A light, crisp and refreshing lager Sometimes the ability to be light-hearted is the most important trait in the world. Bud Light helps bring lightness to moments that need it. Our beer is a perfectly balanced light body lager with a hint of sweetness. Its pale golden colour is accompanied by a floral aroma and slightly hoppy, slightly malty and fresh yeasty notes. Our Beechwood Aging process produces a light-bodied lager with a refreshing taste, a crisp, clean finish, and a smooth drinkability. Always brewed using the choicest hops, best barley malt, and rice Food Pairing Recommendation Due to Bud Light's crisp and relatively neutral taste, Bud Light should only be paired with low intensity foods or otherwise risks being lost or overpowered. Think salads and grilled white fish or chicken. Despite this, its refreshing nature and high carbonation does mean it can work with some rich and fatty foods as well. Home-Run Pairing: Chicken Ceasar Salad Bud Light's low intensity means it won't overpower salad leaves or grilled chicken and will allow you to enjoy every bite. However, its carbonation will help cut through the richness or the dressing and cleanse the palate after each mouthful. Its gentle grain and bready notes can also help accentuate these notes in croutons.

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Table of Nutrition

Per 100ml: Energy: 120kJ /, (kJ / kcal): 29kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrates: 2g, of which sugars : 0.5g, Protein : 0.3g, Salt : <0.1g Per 440ml: Energy: 529kJ /, (kJ / kcal): 127kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrates: 9g, of which sugars : 2g, Protein : 1.4g, Salt : <0.1g


Water, BARLEY MALT, Rice, Hops, Hop Extract




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