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    Cafedirect Fairtrade Arabica Espresso Whole Bean 1kg
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    Cafedirect Fairtrade Arabica Espresso Whole Bean 1kg

    1kg • £1.90 /100g

    For those of you doing well enough in life to enjoy the luxury of an espresso machine at home, first of all we envy you, and secondly you'll need some whole beans to make the most of your machine baby. These arabica beans from Cafédirect are always Fairtrade and will give you a great tasting, fresh coffee every time, with hints of caramel, vanilla and a bit of citrus to top it all off.

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    100% Coffee Beans

    Preparation & Usage

    The Perfect Espresso

    Get the best out of our Arabica Espresso by using 6.5-8 grams of coffee per espresso (depending on your machine), and extract for between 23-25 seconds to get that perfect brew.


    Reseal tightly after opening and store in a cool, dry place.