Dishmatic Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer Pads x 3

    Dishmatic Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer Pads x 3

    3s • £0.66 ea

    Wiping away the spills, drips and stains of everyday life is a necessary chore but it shouldn't cost you the earth. Every kitchen has to have the humble sponge and it gets used daily. EcoForce found out that every company manufacturing products made from foam have tons of clean unused foam going to landfill every day. They rescue and grind up these bits of foam, compress them together and the super absorbant recycled sponge is born. Their key features are:

    Heavy duty

    Contoured for easy grip

    100% recycled material

    Available as a pack of 3

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    We only use 100% recyclable packaging

    Every order plants trees around the world