Ecover Zero Sensitive Fabric Softener 50 Washes 1.5L

Ecover Zero Sensitive Fabric Softener 50 Washes 1.5L

1.5L • £0.27/100ml

Our zero% formula features a palm oil free softening active, derived from European sourced rapeseed oil, which softens and helps care for your clothes. Formulated with 0% fragrance and colouring to minimise the risk of allergies on sensitive skin. Clean Ingredients: With plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for septic tank. Vegan friendly.

British Allergy Foundation - Allergy UK Seal of Approval Zero% Fragrance and Colouring Formulated to Minimise the Risk of Allergies Cruelty-Free International Vegan friendly

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5-15%: Cationic Surfactants, <5%: Lactic Acid, Other: Water, Propylene Glycol, Magnesium Chloride

Preparation & Usage

Usage Instructions: Store between 5°C and 25°C. Not suitable for silk. Don't use on flame-retardant textiles. Don't pour directly onto textile. Dosage Instructions: 1 cup = 40ml Standard load (4-5kg) Soft = 30ml / Extra-soft = 60ml (2 x 30ml)


The suitability of this product for people with serious skin conditions cannot be guaranteed. If you suffer with unusually sensitive skin, please contact your doctor for advice. WARNING: Keep out of reach of children.