Felix Senior Mixed Selection Chunks in Jelly 12 x100g

    Felix Senior Mixed Selection Chunks in Jelly 12 x100g

    12 x 100g • £0.35 ea

     Cats love the taste of Felix, and seniors are no different
    -Felix specially formulated Senior Cat Variety Selection is a collection of recipes with all the nutrients your older cat needs for their health and vitality - and they taste great too
    -These recipes for senior cats (aged 7+) contain a special balance of nutrients designed just for them, including appropriate protein levels, vitamins, and minerals, as well as antioxidants.
    But it isn't all about nutrition - each recipe tastes amazing, and no cat will be able to resist the tender chunks with meat or fish in a savoury jelly
    -Senior Cat Variety Pack contains four great recipes with Beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon - so your senior cat can enjoy a different meal every time.

    Each box includes:
    -3x with Beef
    -3x with Chicken
    3x with Turkey
    -3x with Salmon pouches.

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     Composition: Meat and animal derivatives (of which beef/chicken/turkey min 4%); fish and fish derivatives (salmon min 4%); minerals; various sugars.