Fixodent Complete Denture Adhesive 40g

    Fixodent Complete Denture Adhesive 40g

    40g • £0.75/10g

    The last thing you want when it comes to dentures, is for them to be moving all over the place when you're just trying to live your life. With a quick application of this adhesive from Fixodent though, you'll have dentures which stay exactly where they're meant to, and with no looseness for bacteria or food to wriggle into, so you can have total peace of mind all day, every day.

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    Calcium/Zinc PVM/MA Copolymer (33%), Paraffinum Liquidum, Cellulose Gum (20%), Petrolatum, Silica, Menthyl Lactate, Aroma, CI 45410, Menthol, Limonene

    Preparation & Usage

    Usage instructions: 1. Clean dentures and gums thoroughly. 2. For best results apply dots of the adhesive at intervals along edges and surfaces of the denture which come into contact with your mouth. 3. Rinse mouth with water before inserting dentures. Our denture adhesive is designed to react with the moisture to form a thin, tight, food seal barrier. 4. Press denture firmly into place and hold briefly. 5. For best results wait 15-30 minutes before eating or drinking.


    Keep out of reach and sight of children. Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to ingredients.