Good Boy 30 Ultra Absorbent Training Pads
    Good Boy

    Good Boy 30 Ultra Absorbent Training Pads

    30s • 18p ea

    Thiple layer protection 1 Soft Top Layer 2 Super Absorbent Middle Layer 3 Protective Backing Layer Layer Lock Protection - Each pad has layer lock protection which helps to keep leaks 'locked in' by turning liquid into gel and with sealed edges and protective backing, this helps prevent staining floors or upholstery Strong and Tear Resistant - We know pups like to play, so we've made our pads strong and tear resistant enough to cope with tough puppy play Great for Indoor Training - Our pads are perfect for indoor training purposes giving your pup something familiar to associate going to the toilet on in a certain area of their cage or home Ideal for Puppies - Our pads are perfect for puppies, with a soft outer texture and ultra absorbent inner layer. Great for crates and carriers; and for older dogs who may need these pads to help them too Reduces Odours - With the layer lock protection- any bad smells are locked in and kept from escaping, thus reducing odours

    Locks in moisture

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    Preparation & Usage

    Top Tips for House Training Puppies can take up to 6 months to house train, and some breeds, a little longer. Even with great progress, there could well be the odd 'mistake' sometimes! Don't worry - stay focussed and follow these tips to help you on the way to success! 1. Unfold the pad and place on the floor with the plastic backing part down against the floor. Make sure the pad is placed away from their food and bed. 2. Place your puppy on the pad to get them used to standing on it; and look out for any signs they may need to go to the toilet, such as sniffing the floor, trying to squat down or circling. Place your puppy on the pad as soon as you notice any of these signs. 3. As soon as your puppy uses the pad to go to the toilets, praise and reward them. If the puppy tries to relieve themselves somewhere else, place them straight onto the pad again to get them to associate the pad with using it for toileting. 4. Discard any soiled pads and replace with a fresh, clean one straight away. 5. As training develops, the pad can be moved towards the door and then eventually placed just outside in a suitable area. Remember: Reward the pup for going to the toilet in the right place, Good Boy have a great range of suitable treats! Never punish your puppy for house training 'mistakes'. Always be positive and happy; and give your pup confidence. Put your puppy on a regular feeding routine to give them structure for eating and toilet times. Keep a training diary - it will help in working out timings for feeding and toileting as your pup grows up.


    Warning: Plastic or polythene bags can be dangerous. To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep this bag away from babies, children and pets. Please be aware this product may slip if you walk or stand on it.