Kit & Kin Biodegradable Nappy Liners x 100
Kit & Kin
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Kit & Kin Biodegradable Nappy Liners x 100

100s • 5p ea

Our 100% plant-based and biodegradable liners are designed to help keep baby’s bottom dry and make nappy changing quick and easy.

How to use: Designed to contain solids and make nappy changing quicker and easier, our liners should be placed in between the nappy and your baby’s bottom. Replace the liner with every nappy change, and once used dispose of in a bin.

Better for baby: Our hypoallergenic liners use only natural plant-based materials to be gentle on baby’s delicate skin and help keep bottoms dry.

Better for our world: Made from 100% sustainably sourced corn starch, our liners are entirely biodegradable and help protect the future resources of your baby’s world.

Giving back: Every product gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation. Thanks to your support we help protect acres of threatened rainforest around the world and support women and children living in these areas with educational scholarships, family planning clinics and healthcare. Together, we can make a real difference.


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100% plant-based materials

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