Seep Medium Rubber Gloves
    Cruelty Free

    Seep Medium Rubber Gloves

    Seep Rubber Gloves are one of the first natural rubber household gloves to market in the UK that have passed the biodegradability test - we are super proud of this. Our gloves feel lighter than, but work just as well as, other household gloves on the market because they have been specially developed to biodegrade.

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    • Rinse with water and air dry between uses to prevent mould
    • Store out of direct sunlight
    • Always use a separate pair of household gloves for dish washing verses all other cleaning
    • Cut up the gloves (this speeds up composting) and place in home composting bin
    • If you don't compost, you can pop them in your usual household waste and be smug in the knowledge you haven't generated plastic waste by switching to Seep


    Contains natural latex rubber, which may cause an allergic reaction. If signs of allergic reaction appear, discontinue use.