The Essentials by Spontex Tough Scourers x 4

    The Essentials by Spontex Tough Scourers x 4

    4s • 40p ea

    Sometimes when cleaning, you've gotta get tough to get results. With the help of this 4 pack of Spontex's scourers, you'll be able to get one over those particularly stubborn bits of food and grease on your dishes and cookware, and can be easily rinsed after use. Just don't go too big too soon, in case you're unfamiliar with your own strength - these cleaners are made of stainless steel after all!

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    Preparation & Usage

    Rinse thoroughly before and after each use. Do not use on non-stick pans, plastic bathroom suites, enamel or any other delicate surfaces. Please be careful when removing the scourers from the pack and when using them. To avoid possible injury ensure they do not wrap around fingers or hands. If they become tangled, snip them apart carefully with a scissors, do not pull them apart. It's advisable to always wear rubber gloves.


    To avoid suffocation please keep the wrapper away from babies and young children.