Vanish Gold PowerGel Pre-Treat Stain Remover 200ml

    Vanish Gold PowerGel Pre-Treat Stain Remover 200ml

    200ml • £1.75 /100ml

    Some stains just won't shift without a little extra help, and this remover from Vanish is prepared and ready to help take care of annoying stains before your laundry has even become acquainted with your washing machine. Rub a little bit of this on wherever stains have shown up, and by the time your machine beeps to say it's done, you'll see a world of difference once the afflicted clothes come out.

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    Contains: 5% - 15%: Non-Ionic Surfactants

    <5%: Anionic Surfactants, Polycarboxylates, Enzymes, Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Perfume

    Preparation & Usage

    1. Twist Open 2. Squeeze on stains & rub in circles 3. Let it work for 1-5 minutes 4. Wash as usualAlways follow washing instructions. Safe on colours & whites when used in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Check for colour fastness by testing the product on an inconspicuous or hidden area of the fabric. Rinse and allow to dry. Do not rub chocolate stains. Do not use on wool, silk or leather. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces – for example wood, metals etc. Do not use on garments recommended for dry-clean only.


    Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed in a dry, cool, area away from sunlight. Keep container upright to avoid leakage.