Vital Baby Hygiene Aquaint Sanitising Water 50ml
Vital Baby

Vital Baby Hygiene Aquaint Sanitising Water 50ml

50ml • £4.93 /100g

- Kills 99.9% bacterla, without the need to rinse. The effective formulation is so gentle, that it's even safe in the mouth

- Aquaint® contains no alcohol, preservatives or fragrances, it's ideal for sensitive skin and has been fully dermatologically tested. It can be used directly on baby's hands, skin, soothers, teethers, toys and feeding equipment

- Spray soothers, teethers, bottles and more for effective sanitisation on the go

Safe to Swallow

Alcohol Free

Antibacterial No Need to Rinse

Effective for Hands, Face and Accessories

Clinically Tested Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Kills 99.9% Bacteria in Seconds

Great British Brand

Allergy UK - Allergy Friendly Product

Mother & Baby Awards 2017 - Bronze

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

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We only use 100% recyclable packaging

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Water (Aqua), Hypochlorous Acid



- Do not mix with other products.

- Do not transfer the contents into other containers.

- Although safe to swallow, do not substitute for drinking water

- The natural acid can corrode aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces

- Do not use as a medicine