Vital Proteins Unflavoured Collagen Peptides Powder 567g
    Vital Proteins

    Vital Proteins Unflavoured Collagen Peptides Powder 567g

    567g • £7.06/100g
    • Collagen is a protein that’s behind making all your wellness dreams come true!

    • Completely flavourless and utterly versatile, Vital Proteins' Collagen Peptides is easily digested and soluble in hot or cold liquids and can be easily incorporated into your everyday routine.

    • Add a scoop to food (desserts or porridge) or your favourite drinks (coffee and smoothies) to give you that extra daily boost!

    Made from one single ingredient, Collagen Peptides is sourced from grass-fed, pasture raised bovine ensuring a high quality, sustainable source of collagen. Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body – is a key component of connecting tissues found in our hair, skin, bones, tendons and ligaments and provides the structural framework that holds everything together – think strength and structure! As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen, which is why we recommend introducing ingestible collagen to your diet.

    Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide from Brazil, our Collagen is both high-quality and sustainable. The magic happens in the extraction process where the collagen is broken down into smaller protein chains - aka collagen peptides, which are then sprayed into a fine, odourless powder ready to consume.

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    Bovine collagen peptides


    Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are easily digested and soluble in cold or hot liquids - one to two scoops a day is all you need! Add a scoop to food (like sweets or sauces) or beverages (like smoothies or water).

    Nutritional Information

    Recommended daily dose​: 2 Scoops (20g)
    Number of doses per container​: 56 Scoops